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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shimmering Twilight, on painting dogs and ghosts,

Han Fei, a Daoist philosopher, (280-233 BCE) tells a story that I absolutely adore!

Dogs and Ghosts

The royal painter of Ch'i was asked by the king what objects were the easiest and what objects were the most difficult to paint.

"It is the most difficult to paint dogs and horses; it is the easiest to paint ghosts," the painter replied.
"Why?" asked the king.
"People know what dogs and horses look like. When I paint them, I have to make them look like dogs and horses, which is rather difficult. But nobody knows what ghosts look like. I can paint them anyway I wish, and yet no one can contradict me. That is why, Your Majesty, I have always preferred to paint ghosts rather than dogs and horses."

The king nodded in agreement.

I guess I am a painter of ghosts...this drawing Shimmering Twilight is full of them...

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