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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010

The Childrens Moon, New Year's Eve morning
It's looking like this is my last painting of 2010, it's just a wee bit, 4 x 4 inches, part of the blue sky/children's moon series that I've been working with lately. I was noticing the moon in the morning sky for the last couple of mornings (we've been fortunate to see the sun for the first time in awhile), and I had this little painting in limbo for several weeks, only the background pleased me, not so much the moon until I made it into a crescent moon yesterday morning after I saw the little pale crescent riding high in the morning sky. I loved it immediately, but waited until today to see if I still liked it, and I do, so I signed it. and it's done. (YAY!) There are still unfinished paintings on my work table left to do, but they are going to wait for another time.

I've been a busy girl this year, painting, drawing, making photographs, publishing another book, and opening a gallery with our friends...(much of this I mused over at my other blog Upstate Girl I posted a few of my favorite photos there)'s been a good year along with the usual ups and downs of life, I can't's all good.

I will post my most favorite paintings of 2010 here...

Full Moon, 2010 (The one I'm glad didn't sell.)

If Not, Winter, 2010

Nocturne, Winter New Moon, 2010
Bones of the Earth, 2010

Ancient Mechanism, 2010
A part of the "shared painting" project with Ken Nichols at Moonlighting Gallery

 There is more than just blue going on in that sky...2010
The Childrens Moon, November 7, 2010

Winter Moon, November 7, 2010

Has anyone noticed the overwhelming I guess it's my favorite.

Defining art moments of 2010 (at least the ones I could find pictures of!):

Our Wall at The Delavan Gallery, April 2010
June, 2010

A full house with me in the middle of it

The Sign is UP!

Happy New Year!


Judith Westerfield said...

Your favorite paintings evoke a timelessness for me. Old & New in the same place, space and plane.

Lovely. I would like to see your least favorites for comparison

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

Hee hee, underneath some of my favorites ARE the least favorites!

Barry said...

LJW- great to make a connection with you. A great gift to not only write well but also to paint well. I will be back for more. And I do like your comment about where your least favourites lie - mine tend to be broken down and reappear in other pieces. Go well and hope the fibrom stays at bay. B