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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Being good to myself...part 2

Detail of drawing 8/20/2011
Finished drawing, was seen in a previous post some time ago, picture quality stinks tho' sorry! I'll have to scan it next time.
 I feel bad that I haven't posted any new painting in so long...and those blank canvases are still blank, but they've been tucked away so I'm not feeling at all intimidated by their white accusatory as I am prone to do during these times, I draw, and my pencils are my tools (as I've said in Seth's blog today!

I'm trying to get back to a sense of normal...slowly it's coming...these drawings are keeping me occupied...and lots of photographs of stuff posted on my Tumblr page

Life has been interesting to say the least, going forward...I'm preparing for one more show with my Fred at the Onondaga County Central Library in the Galleries in downtown Syracuse, opening on October 1st, and it will be up throughout the month of October, ending on the 31st. Another fine opportunity to get my art out and about...and to get me out and about.

Another detail
Another drawing I worked on and finished shortly after my dad broke his hip, lots of sharp edges...I can't imagine why I felt like making a bunch of layers of squares...

A work in progress (same sketchbook)...this certainly has the look of agitation to it...
A "found" painting, spray paint over spray from one of my husband's shop projects on a piece of plywood.

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La Dolce Vita said...

just awesome and I am really enjoying your tumblr page too!!