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Friday, January 27, 2012

My latest work...

The Longest Night, from the Winter Solstice Series, 1/25/2012, acrylic wash monotype and rice paper on canvas, 9 x 9 inches
It truly felt good making these little paintings...I've created them special for the CNY Art Showcase which is a fund raising art auction sponsored by the Everson Museum of Art and the Eastwood Rotary Club.
The Longest Day, from the Summer Solstice Series, 1/22/2012, acrylic wash monotype and rice paper on canvas, 9 x 9 inches
 It's nice to paint something sunny and warm in the middle of winter!

A Frosty Night, from the Blue Square Window, 1/21/2012, acrylic wash monotype and rice paper on canvas, 14 x 11 inches
This is another addition to the Blue Square Window idea that I've been playing with, I'm loving the nocturne cool blues. I feel I'm gaining some creative momentum...but I'm not going to put pressure on myself to perform. I have several canvases in the wings, including a largish one that I haven't splashed any color on just yet and look forward to.

My little sketchbook was rec'd at the Brooklyn Art Library today, and I'm looking forward to the tour to begin, not that I'm going to be able to travel to any locations, just the idea that it's going to travel and be available to visitors to browse through...I loved watching my friends  page through it before I let it go...and I will miss the little fellow, I had so much fun making it, I'll have to make more!


Carole said...

Beautiful work.

helen said...

Nice - seems appropriate for this time of year.