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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Featured on The Altered Page

Solar, 7/23/2012, acrylic wash and rice paper on canvas, 8 x 8 inches

This is a small painting that will be on its way to the gallery, my Fred and I will be in a group exhibition in August at Szozda Gallery, I'll post links as soon as I have photos!

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I'm always collecting things, making little arrangements and putting them around the house to enjoy or setting them up and taking them down after photographing them...this is one that I submitted to Seth's The Altered Page some time ago...

Evening Song, 1/11/2006, pencil drawing on paper, from a sketchbook
I picked them because I love how their natural scrolling loops and curves echo many of my drawings...

Rite of Spring, 5/26/2006, pencil drawing on paper, from a sketchbook
Here are a few more photos I took that day, specific to Seth's project...

I still have the little coils cluttered together in a dried out and too fragile...I have a few other collections of this and that, odds n' ends...wonderful stuff found and pieced together...

Sunday, July 01, 2012

New work in progress and a special door

Eclipse, 7/1/2012 acrylic wash, monotype and rice paper on canvas, 40 x 16 inches
 I've been a busy girl...I can't say for sure if I'm out of my "slump" or not, but this is a good start, this is the best I've felt about a group of paintings in a long time...these three canvases have several layers of "starts" that failed to go beyond their initial slathering of colors. They're all "work in progress" for the moment as I'm already thinking up things that I need to do...stay tuned!

The Moon, 7/1/2012, acrylic wash, monotype and rice paper on canvas, 24 x 8 inches

Artifact, 7/1/2012, acrylic wash, monotype and rice paper on canvas, 9 x 9 inches
My Fred has built a new door for our mud room and he surprised me with a special addition, it isn't just a door with a little window, he made a cat shape peeking out the window, so I painted a little black kitty...although it's been many years already since we last had old Mr. Boo Halloween peeking out our windows, I believe that little old black cat is still slinking around in spirit...

this is the inside side of the door

this is the outside side
I can't wait until he installs the door, it's going to look so SWEET! (He's even going to forge a Norfolk latch for it so that will be an extra special door.)