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Friday, August 10, 2012

Opening Night at Szozda Gallery 8/10/2012

A corner of my own...
 A good night, the rain cleared off and it wasn't as hot outside...the show was hung and looks great, Caroline always does a good job making our art look good!

the Blue Square Window on one side and Solar on the other side...

The First People...

Eclipse hanging on the wall looking sooo beautiful!
SOLD! (not me, the painting.) I really don't like having my picture taken, I always make faces. The person who bought the painting made the beautiful copper necklace with the turquoise stones that I'm wearing.

Good times...great conversations, more exhibitions at other venues in the planning's been a long day. I'm tired. Time to go to bed.


I knew this one little painting would sell...that color turquoise seems to grab everyone's attention these days. I'm very happy that my painting is going to a good home...and I'm very glad to be exhibiting at Caroline's lovely gallery with a unique group of local talent, photographer Ray Trudell, mixed media by Linda Esterley and paintings by Phil Parsons, and Emily Elizabeth...I don't think the local artists get enough credit for what we do, many of us work day jobs and squeeze in time alone in some corner of our homes to make art...(and for goodness sakes, write books), some of us are fortunate to make a little pocket money now and then...we are "the other New York." We are the reality of a lot of dreams. Someone long ago, back in the '80's said that "Painting is dead." And every now an then, I hear this so-called death-knell still being batted about in conversation...seriously? For something that's supposedly dead or dying for 30 years or more, it looks mighty alive to me on the walls of Caroline's gallery...and other galleries too...and online, there's tons of artists out there making art, beautiful art. We make art because we love's our joy in life...and I know I appreciate it everyday. I also appreciate Caroline Szozda for inviting me to drop off my little paintings and being part of this exhibition.