This blog is my portfolio of artwork, a journal about my process of making art...and the things that I have no words for...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A few things I've looked at through the lens...

A thin line of sunshine

Jonquil bulbs

The bottom of a rusty bucket

Rusty things...dang they're pretty

Dead burdock leaf

Peony with morning dew

Poor dead bird.


One of my Father's tools that I've acquired.

Wee bucket of sunshine!

Looking up at the summer mist in the pine trees

It was looking at me, I had to take its picture...

What's missing in this picture is, Max...I miss my old dog very much....

I'm in a looking phase...a thinking phase...I'm accumulating a digital sketchbook of my visual life. I'm also editing one of my novels that's been a work in progress since I scratched out the first lines in the year 2000. I'm following my bliss...

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Poppies from my mother's garden...

I missed them last year, this year, I timed it just's always challenging to get a good photo of flowers, the slightest breeze can set them off wiggling and waving...I was very pleased to capture what I have here...they are so pretty!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Bliss followed...

Abstraction 4/20/2014, digital photograph

Abstraction 4/20/2014, digital photograph

Abstraction 4/20/2014, digital photograph

I'm slowly recovering from a bout with shingles, what a wretched pain that is...good grief. Between pain and painkillers, I'm not that inspired, but I keep busy anyway just because I'm like that, I can't sit around and do nothing...These three photos are just simple pictures I snapped with my point n' shoot Fuji camera, digital sketches I call them...they're textures from split logs that I've been photographing, wood grain is always fascinating and weather someone's gone at it with an axe or a chain saw, the patterns are amazing...

The next group of photos are from the inside of Bill's old silo out behind his barns, this old thing is wrapped in a tangle of trees and vines, so this is the time of year to get inside for a look see...oh it was pretty in there!

I'm looking forward to spending some of my spring and summer making new art, I want to experiment with encaustics again and splash with my watercolors, going back to small scale things this year. I've been making a small meditation drawing and discovered that my sketchpad has quite a few of these drawings that I need to scan for my next posting :)

I'm hoping to feel better soon!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Thaw and Fog

Suzanne's tree

the flood

the old horse barn

trees, ice, water

bare trees

the pines

Suzanne's Tree

twisting branches, my old friend...

Suzanne's tree

tangled tree

the corn field

the fog and flood
It's beautiful out there...soggy, still a lot of snow up here in the higher the thaw fog has been thick in the morning...

Saturday, March 01, 2014

A hard's the first day of March at last...

I'm recovering from the flu...I missed work Monday through Thursday, went in on Friday because I finally felt nearly human again and wasn't sneezing and hacking myself to death...and BONUS, I didn't have a fever for over 24 hours, so the worst was finally over. Dang.

I feel better, thanks for asking.

We had another visit from the Polar Vortex...I'll be glad when this winter is over with, it's been a difficult one to say the least... before I got sick, I did venture out to photograph the acre after the last big snowstorm, the snow being well past my knees has made it difficult to navigate...these are photos from 2/16/2014

It's been beautiful out there, but too cold to really enjoy a walk beyond to the mailbox and back, or to the bird feeder and back...

I'm laying low today, having a little bit of a snuggle fest with the Little Monster, he's settled down on the couch with me...he's becoming a better kitty, it's been a slow process, his life before us must've been such a horror for him to be such a...well, a monster. He is learning to be a good kitty a little at a time, it's been almost a year already. Patience.

Elizabeth 2/23/2014
While I've been sick, I've missed my daily trips to the barn to see my wee donkey and goats. I did get to see her yesterday and Wednesday, before that was's been reported to me that Elizabeth seems to pine when I'm not there, and can dish out a stink-eye when dissatisfied...she's always happy to see me...and I can't say enough how much I love this wee donkey.

Good news is, my new sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project (click to see previous post January 20th) is going on the full tour this year, that's very cool!