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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Details, details, details...

Detail, Celestial Spring, the Phases of the Sun and Moon, 2007

Detail, Moonlight, 2009

Detail, There is more than blue going on in that sky..., 2010

Detail, Pastoral Window, 2007

Detail, Ancient Artifact, no. 3, 2010

Detail, Bones of the Earth, 2009

Detail, Celestial Spring, the Comet's Tail, 2008

Detail, A Mid-Summer Night, 2010

Detail, Mind's Eye, 2009

Detail, Ancient Artifact, Navigation, 2010

Detail, A Cold Day in July, 2007

Detail, Elemental Autumn, 2009
Detail, River of Fallen Stars, 2008

The news Fred and I are in the process of creating our very first art book featuring us, of course...our paintings, a hundred images, or so...and in full color! So, I've been busy photographing and scanning, and writing about my paintings and's been a good exercise in self-assessment...spending time with the art, thinking about what I want to say about what I've done...studying the details and really looking at these paintings, the big and the small, on canvas and paper...the comparison and contrast between us as artists is a visual conversation...seeing it all together in this form so far is is a work in progress...I'll keep you posted...