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Monday, December 31, 2007

Celestial Spring, the phases of the sun and moon, II

This is the latest in the series, a big mixed media mess, but OH DID I HAVE FUN MAKING IT! I've been fiddling around with it for months, it's on a full size sheet of Arches watercolor paper, so it's not my normal size, the big ones always take longer to make. I don't know if the picture here will properly document the layers involved, but what I've done is start off with a flood of yellow watercolor, then I let it puddle and dry, throwing salt on it, tipping it so the wet can run and drip, I splattered white acrylic paint all over, then let it dry. After it dried I began to draw on it in pencil and colored pencil, spattering water all over it, shaving pastel dust and water soluble pigments (graphite and colored pencil) , and then weeks on and off of adding more drawing and shavings, water, splashes and scratches, until yesterday when I said "All done!" There are plans for another, a but a winter theme, something deep ultramarine blue...very stuff like that! I'm adding two details, I hope they will help give you an idea what's going on in there...

Have a happy new year!!!!!

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