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Saturday, January 19, 2008


This one was simple, it might've taken all of ten minutes to do, it's small, 9 x 9 I think...just playing around with tape, an Ebony pencil, and then an eraser lifting some black off...then that right edge, a loose tendril looking to break free...

I have days like and then, doesn't everybody?

Maybe, maybe not.

I have a little news on the book side of my creative efforts, I will be self-publishing my ghost story "Dusty Waters" in a few weeks time, I'm waiting for the details to come through, and my proof...I won the opportunity by being a participant in the Breakthrough Novel contest, so as a 4th place award I get to publish and sell my book on cool, don't ya think? It's not really the way I wanted to go with my writing, I have been hoping for a traditional book deal with an agent and all that, but so far no agent seems willing to take me on (yet, I'll keep trying).'s not much, but it's a start, I might be my own best customer...anyway...I'm working on drawings for the book cover, having some fun, I'll probably post my efforts after I make a bunch of them, and see if I have a favorite...or if anyone else first one was almost a goner cuz I tried to make a guitar motif (since Dusty is a folk singing guitar slinger), but it didn't go so well, then I went at it with a what the fuck attitude and got it wet and went wild, beat the crap out of the paper I like it...funny isn't it? Sometimes that's the way it is...

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