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Saturday, February 09, 2008


There's more than one drawing going on here...or so it seems, from about November to early January I blew through the remains of a pad of Bristol smooth paper. I love how the graphite lays down on this surface, it stands up to a lot of scratching and the soft leads take on a different texture, sometimes sitting up like brush strokes. The sheets are 11 x 14 (oops, I thought it was 16 x 20, but it wasn't, it just felt that way), so I had more space to run my pencil around in, but I still felt the need to scale down, make smaller spaces, yet have them overlap and connect, flow in and around each other...I tried to leave more white this time, but wound up going back and fooling around adding more...some of the white is too glaring, or just too flat, but I'm leaving it alone for now...

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