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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Leap Year and other days and nights...

A recent piece Leap Year there's something special about that extra day, and I was happy when I finished this bit on that day, done on a sheet of 14 x 11 bristol vellum finish paper, it started with graphite dust smears, and I followed the marks I made where the small chunks of graphite stuck to my fingers and dragged across the's busy and peaceful, it has several places where the eye can play or rest, or you mind can go into a free's fun...I made the white mark with a torn piece of tape, keeping it clean until I finished...I like doing that from time to time. I have several others like that breaking up the image into smaller pieces...sometimes the drawing on the tape is pretty too...too bad I had to throw it away!

Autumn Storm...

indeed, it was a dark and stormy night...

Autumn Forces

Broken Thoughts

I really wish I knew where this one went, I heard that it was stolen, imagine that, someone liked it so much they didn't want to pay for it...(wtf, huh?) I'm just glad that I scanned it before it went missing.

Morning Music

Night and Day

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