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Monday, June 22, 2009

Practice, Patience, Persistence...part 2

Part one is over at my writer's blog Upstate Girl...

I'm a busy girl for being on vacation and going nowhere out of town...home is busy enough, thank you, and I'm enjoying myself in spite of the crappy weather that we've had...just look at this mess...some of these I had my doubts...still do, sort of...but I kept going until I was satisfied...I've gone crazy with Payne's Gray lately...I think I'm about done with wasn't doing what I wanted it to do...close but not quite...I had to compromise with the medium...said a few choice words, walked away, came back, waited for the paint to dry...walked away again...returned...and then something happened...and done...

I'm having fun...can't you tell?

Thursday, June 25th there's a reception at Delavan Art Gallery from 5-8PM, Price Check: Syracuse will be the Wild Card exhibition, if you're in the area, please stop in! My Fred and I are participants in this traveling show event...I hope to see you there!

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