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Friday, June 05, 2009

This one is about my book! The other art that I do.

On a whim I entered my little ghost story, Dusty Waters, into the 2009 New York Book Festival, I had absolutely no high expectations, but I figured, it wouldn't hurt to go through the process...everything is a learning wtf, right? I've kept my eye on my email box...waiting...expecting to see something official announcing the winners...but got nothing. So I went to the is the big day down at the Algonquin Hotel in I scrolled down the line of names and titles of books, and it caught my eye in the honorable mention for Fiction...then I started to scream!!!!

Oh happy day, oh happy day!!!!

I scared every cat in the house, even the fat tubby tabby lifted his head and made a grunt as if to say "Get a hold of yourself!" and poor Max tucked into his chair wondering if I had lost my mind...

No I haven't...I'm only happy, not crazy.

Oh happy day, oh happy day!!!!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh, Happy Day Indeed!! Congratulations! I'm so glad you checked...they should have sent you an email at least! Wow, I can just imagine the heart flutter, follow your bliss!!

Roslyn said...

Thats great news! Congratulations!!!!