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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New work in progress and it's Snowing on Halloween Night...

New painting in progress (24 x 18)  I am loving this one!
Almost done (9 x 9) I'm still "living with it"

Oooo...I made some pretty paper for future collages

They're just so PRETTY!

Snow on my dog.

Snow on my sage.

It's not that unusual to have snow up here on the hilltop for Halloween...there's always the chance of snow any time in rarely sticks around long...

I've been sort of busy, resting mostly, having back-to-back Halloween Party and reception at Moonlighting was a little bit too much for me to handle during a FMS flare-up...I've working on Ebooks instead of painting...but the bits of work I have in progress are looking good...and I was dying to photograph that lovely roll of colored paper that I've been staining with acrylic washes for a couple of weeks, the roll keeps getting bigger...I just love looking at them...I'll eventually start cutting them down to my favorite shapes and possibly tearing some in random strips with raw edges just for something different to off-set the squares and circles that I'll's going to give me something else to think about anyway...


Kelly M. said...

snow on Halloween -- not sure I could deal with that! stunning shots of your papers and the new work-in-progress!

Seth said...

This is stunning so far. Wonderful colors.

jbkrost said...

this is quite a departure in color
but the work is unique and yours!