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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A painting for the Solstice...

Winter Solstice Time, December 19, 2010, acrylic wash, with monotype, sumi paper on canvas  40 x 16 inches

Starting point on November 6, 2010
Stage 2, 11/28/2010

Detail from 11/28/2010
Stage 3 on 12/11/2010
Detail from 12/11/2010

If anything, I'm spite of FMS flare-ups that have been troublesome for several weeks now, I've pulled it together enough to keep painting even when I have disasters like today when I spilled my water jar full of blue water and it soaked poor Max while he was napping! (He's already forgiven me, we took a long walk around the acre after he dried off for a good sniff around.) My hands are not cooperating as well lately. There are lots of layers, and lots of doubts about where I was going with this (did I really want to cover all that up?) Well, it's done what I've wanted to do, I kept it simple and pale like the slice of the sky that is turquoise in the late afternoon on a winter day. I love the subtle details that are happening, the glow of the warm tones underneath showing through. Pretty stuff.


Julie said...

Beautiful painting! I think it's perfect!

Ian Foster said...

A fantastic painting, I love it and thank you for showing us its progress. Bravo!!

Seth said...

Wonderful painting. And so great to see how it developed!

Evangeline said...

This is stunning! And so inspiring and instructive to see your process. Thanks for sharing it.
And happy Solstice to you!

Judith Westerfield said...

I found your blogs through your comment on Rose's "Equilibrium" blog.
And when I found you were a writer and an artist, had fibro AND your dog's name is MAX . . . !!!!!

I would love to include your blogs in my list of blogs and occasionally post your work. (I love to share what other people create).

Wanted to check with you first, to make sure you are okay with this. My blog is: (creativitytotheMAX, the blog)

I'm not an artist but adore art and was an English Lit major. My blog is about creative expression, my own journey with fibro and MAX my dog.

Shelley Whiting said...

I love the silence of your work and the mystical energy in it. Wonderful art.