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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New work in progress and it's Snowing on Halloween Night...

New painting in progress (24 x 18)  I am loving this one!
Almost done (9 x 9) I'm still "living with it"

Oooo...I made some pretty paper for future collages

They're just so PRETTY!

Snow on my dog.

Snow on my sage.

It's not that unusual to have snow up here on the hilltop for Halloween...there's always the chance of snow any time in rarely sticks around long...

I've been sort of busy, resting mostly, having back-to-back Halloween Party and reception at Moonlighting was a little bit too much for me to handle during a FMS flare-up...I've working on Ebooks instead of painting...but the bits of work I have in progress are looking good...and I was dying to photograph that lovely roll of colored paper that I've been staining with acrylic washes for a couple of weeks, the roll keeps getting bigger...I just love looking at them...I'll eventually start cutting them down to my favorite shapes and possibly tearing some in random strips with raw edges just for something different to off-set the squares and circles that I'll's going to give me something else to think about anyway...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Now it's done... I signed it this time.

 Gotta love it...I said it was done, but then one more thing begged for my attention, and I pondered it for another week and then two...and this weekend I started to play with was that bottom part, it just looked not quite I went at it with more blue...then amber...then turquoise...a circle and then another...and then a delicate touch of white...

I'm pretty happy with it now...but who knows, tomorrow I might look at it again and decide NOPE...well, you know, that's just part of the fun!

It's such a strong blue, it's hard to photograph and have it look true (true blue) but these are pretty close, I had to take the photos outside on the porch to have them look right...the indoor shots were too yellow/green.

Lots of lady bugs out there today, it's warm out, a little rainy and gray...but I don't mind, any warm days are welcome at this point...and of course, lady bugs...this little one stood still long enough for a portrait...the others were busy, trundling along on their little buggy missions...

We're holding another reception at Moonlighting this week, Friday, October 29th, starting around 6PM to whenever, lovely art, good company, fun will be had by all...Halloween costumes are welcome, but not required!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finished it (finally!)

I added the children's moon at the top...I had to cut one out of paper for the size I wanted, and it went on perfect the first time~

Blue Sky Series, "There's more than blue going on in that sky..."

A detail, in the middle left, canvas and sumi paper visible

detail, lower right edge

detail of the middle, lots of yellow showing through

my latest pencil drawing in my sketchbook, I really love this one a lot!

A found painting... a pallet with some spray paint...I couldn't resist photographing it!
There are times I begin to become afraid that I've run out of steam and worry...What if I can't paint anymore? Usually, when I feel that way, I go back to my sketchbooks and draw those stream of consciousness drawings, cranking them out one after another...and then I feel better about everything I've been going through this uncertainty... kind of rough few weeks, mostly because I haven't been feeling all that well, and I've been focusing on writing more since that's it's a combination of things...

I've spent time on the porch today, sunning myself, storing up sunshine for the winter... staring up at that pristine blue sky and thinking about what I'm going to paint next... I painted over a group of canvases that were not working for me, and laid down some colors to work with for the Blue Sky series... and I have taken some scrap paper and scumbled acrylic washes on them for future collages... it's been a creatively busy weekend, and I'm quite content...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Work in progress...this one is taking a long time...

Work in progress "Blue Sky" as of 10/6/2010 (There is more than one blue going on in that sky...)

Work in progress about two weeks ago (maybe three, I've been glaring at it for a bit of time)

Work in progress a week ago, getting there
Hmmmm... I can't seem to find a first photo of this one when I started it with the Easter egg bands of color...I don't know what I was thinking at the time, but whatever, I started to go with it one way about a month ago, then changed my mind pretty much right away, tried to cover it up with a pale blue, then glared at it for another week or so, and then went back to it last week, and then tonight I glazed it with some cobalt blue after washing off the "sky blue" that I made and didn't like at was too opaque...but I love how those bands of colors still show through, and no longer regret them...

I was lying on my back on the porch one day, I had a bad cold last week (haven't had one this bad in a long time), and the sun was out on one of the days that I spent at home nursing myself back to health (lots of tea w/ honey) so the dog and I bot had a nice lie down in the sunshine...I stared up at the blue and the blue stared was lovely, and I felt so happy looking at of the things I love about being up here on top of Irish Hill is this unobstructed view of the sky, it's what got me back on track painting all those years mind is just abuzz with this blue, and I want to make more of it soon...hopefully I will finish this one up this weekend, and I'll have the final piece photographed and ready to show!