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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Moon paintings...

Setting Crescent Moon, January 9, 2011, acrylic wash, sumi paper on canvas, 4 x 4 inches

Full Moon at Dawn, January 9, 2011, acrylic wash, sumi paper on canvas, 8 x 8 inches
I did a little bit of painting this weekend, not as much as I wanted to because yesterday was a total wash out due to FMS symptoms that made me happy to tuck into bed for the day. It's just how it goes sometimes. I did move forward on a few paintings that I was stalled on, these two were my successes of the day. The little crescent moon came into being because of the moon I saw setting one night in a haze of cloud cover, it was creamy orange in the darkness...oy was that a pretty sight to see! No photos of the event...I just enjoyed looking at it rather than trying to fit it through a camera...some times it's just the experience that matters more...and I love the simplicity of it, sometimes I bog myself down with too much fussing around with throwing everything I've got into a painting and making a mess that I forget to keep it simple.

The dawn image is more of a fantasy, I wanted to use yellow ochre so bad one day and the canvas sat there being yellow ochre for quite a few days before I went at it with the blue and white...I added the full moon tonight...I might tinker with it a little more...or not, depends on how I feel about it later, but for now I'm glad to see that this little canvas has something on it that I'm happy had something completely different on it previously (one of the not so satisfying pieces that I made go away!)

We're going to have a reception for our new work on January 28th at Moonlighting, so I need to try to finish up a few paintings, but looking at what I've got set aside, I have more than I no real panic to pull it together.


Evangeline said...

The first one in particular just blows me away! Beautiful work.
And I hope you are having a better day healthwise today!

neva gagliano said...

the many faces of the moon...beautiful!

Barry said...

L-Setting Cresent Moon is a strong piece. Hope the preparations for 28 Jan go well and you have enough well days to create and enjoy. B

jann said...

Really nice!