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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Snowed in again...

Midnight Dreams, January 2011

Evening, Blue and Gold, 2010
I'm finally putting these two up, I have them hanging at the gallery and didn't have photos of them, so I took pictures at the gallery one night after work at long last! Midnight Dreams has never been posted before, but Evening has gone through several changes, and FINALLY, I'm satisfied with it.

Our art book project is nearly done, I'm revisiting my comments, and doing final revisions, keeping it simple and conversational rather than long blathering essays full of incomprehensible’s been good for me to think about what I'm doing rather than the how I'm doing it with the mediums that I'm using, and although I pretty much can explain what my paintings are about having to do with what series they're part of, Nocturne, Bones of the Earth, Blue Sky, Celestial Spring, The Ancients, and so on, I have enjoyed addressing my ideas with brief anecdotes of personal experiences, such as the music that I listen to while painting.  I listen to a lot of Beethoven, or if I'm not actually listening to the music, it's there, humming around in my head. I think my favorite bit of writing so far is the one I wrote for my little painting "The Fifth" being about Beethoven's  5th Symphony and how he was pressed to explain what it was about, Anton Shindler said that Beethoven once told him that it was "Fate knocking at the door", a student said that there was a piece of it that came from the song of a little bird, and another person piped in that the maestro would say anything to get rid of people with pesky questions...which I catch myself doing from time to time, and then later on, I'll come up with something else, I’ve had to back track through my blog and journals to double check titles and ideas, hoping that I’m not contradicting myself too much!

The Fifth, 2008
 Another Beethoven related entry is for The Edge of Night, Cavatina, a little painting on canvas board that I made one sunny afternoon while feeling perfectly content and happy, is quite the contrast from the music that I selected from one of the string quartets (5th movement of Opus 130) to name it. At the same time I painted this, I was working on my novel The Fractured Hues of White Light, it is curious how my creative endeavors to spilled over onto one another and overlapped in layers of thoughts...both pieces give me great joy, but it's odd how sometimes happiness can be painful, almost a cause for sorrow, like a longing for something that has not been and could never be...

The Edge of Night, Cavatina, 2009
This book is going to be so beautiful!

It's back to snow again after several days of rain and warm temperatures, I'm glad the wind has stopped howling in the eaves, that was very unsettling, I always forget how windy March can be...the red wing black birds have arrived in a flock, blown in by the wind I suppose! The chipmunk is above ground again, scurrying around collecting seed in his pouches, poor little thing, I watched him on the porch, snow on his whiskers, quite pitiful...and my cats know he's there, and they "wants him!" But I won't let them outside to get him!

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