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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From my sketchbooks...

Untitled, (Finished on St. Patrick's Day), 3/17/2011

I keep several sketchbooks, different shapes, sizes,

Untitled, 4/14/2011

I always have something in the works, my little graphite meanderings,

Untitled, 9/26/2010
 ...pencil point, sharp or broken, worn down, the edge of a graphite stick, graphite dust, grit...

Untitled, 2/10/2011
 ...they're about mark making...

Moonlighting, 9/9/2010
practice and patience...
A work in progress starting with the hard 'H' pencils, don't know which way is up yet...


Barry said...

LJW - I am in awe of anyone who can have sketch books that look like masterpieces. Seems like you have va loy happening in your art - pleased for you and may the gods of sales look kindly on you. Go well. B

Claudia Del Balso said...

Hi Laura,
Great blog you have here. I love the pics of your kitties. I have two myself ;)
Thank you for having joined my blog. I just became your latest follower. I have a friend in Long Island who's also an artist. He paints portraits, landscapes, and bit of everything. I have 3 of his paintings. Hope to read some of your writing soon.

Lynn said...

I got here from Seth's blog today (Altered Page). Am very impressed by your so called sketches that look more like museum quality works of art to me.
Your banner (because I often work in fabric) screams to be an art quilt wall hanging!!!! to me.
Lovely work all of it.
You are the second person in two days I have come across who has to deal with fibromyalgia. Oy vey. You have a wonderful attitude.
PS I have a Fred too. One cat. and 5 grandchildren. ;-)