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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Transition...well, kinda sorta

Detail the black and white scroll (unfinished, there is so much more left to do!)
Unrolled (the table is 8 feet long)
 I took a break from painting and finally...well, look at the trouble I got into! I'm making scrolls on rice paper...
Dawn Scroll detail
This is a wee one...about 3 feet? Give or take a few inches. Not finished, still detail work left to be done.
 These were not started from scratch, they were started 3 years ago, so I've left them rolled in a drawer at a stand-still, not sure what to do next. I'd take them out to look at them, roll them back up and put them away.
Detail of the Night Scroll
A long one! Lots left to do, I've barely touched it since the first layer was laid down.
 Then one day while at work, thinking about work things...these scrolls came to mind again...
Detail for the Sun Scroll
Of all of the scrolls, this is the one almost done, just a few details left to give some structure to the center...
 I pulled out the yellow one, put my little temporary studio table up and started slathering the red/gold safron color that I love so much all over it, and then...and then I had fun...

detail of the Water Scroll
Another long one, more to do...lots more!

Well, I hope to at least have the yellow one ready for the opening this Friday night at Moonlighting...I still have to figure out HOW I'm going to display it...

The rest will come together over time...much to do!

The one lone canvas...Moonrise, 5/14/2011, acrylic wash, monotype, rice paper on canvas, 12 x 12 inches
Oh, look, I've made a...a bean! Well, it's going to be a sleeping kitty someday.
My Fred gave me some soapstone for my birthday a few weeks back, and this bitty block of stone has slowly taken shape...the little navy bean kitty...I've never done this before, and always wanted to try it so here I go...and I don't know if you noticed in the scroll photos the chunks of soapstone holding the scroll edges down...yup, those are mine to carve (someday!)

So during my month long thoughts about transition, I've done a great deal...and I also made an e-book out of my novel The Fractured Hues of White Light to celebrate the first year anniversary of its publication as a paperback original, so it's now for sale at Barnes & Noble for the Nook! (YAY!!)


Monica said...

these are amazing. how long are they?

love the night scroll especially.

Jann Gougeon said...

Scroll! . . a unique idea! That's giving ME an idea. Paula Roland does that with encaustic on paper. Very creative. Will look forward to the final pix!

Jann Gougeon said...

p.s. . . sun scroll is great . . and yellow isn't my favorite, but I really like this . . of course, I do gravitate to circles and spheres! Best to you!

Barry said...

L- very impressive - great colours - look forward to the pics of how you hung them etc. Hope it goes well. B

David said...

great stuff, good transition!