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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I dream of summer skies..., May 2012, acrylic wash monotype, rice paper on canvas, 24 x 12 inches
I have pondered this one long enough, and decided to leave it...I wanted to keep this one simple...just because I loved the surface and how the colors flowed and broke apart as I scumbled and scrubbed with brushes after printing my shapes and marks...some things were not going as hoped, but I prodded and kept fiddling...when I made it too complex, I washed it off...I wanted it to be simple. I almost thought I ruined it! I love the golden glow, and those, this is it.

Detail #1

Detail #2
I have a few other small paintings in progress, but nothing I want to share at the moment...I'm looking forward to setting up my porch studio soon and stocking up on paints and other goodies for making more...but I've been spending more time working on editing my novel than painting, and when I'm not pondering words, I'm digging in the dirt and planting things in the garden...and of course, there's the encaustic kit that is begging me to take it out to play in the shop...Soon. Very soon!

It has felt good to dawdle over my paintings...

At my day job I've been checking in our fall exhibition of Karl Schrag's paintings...oh, so pretty! As soon as the link is up, I'll post it...he was an amazing painter.


Caterina Giglio said...

wonderful monotypes... enjoy your studio and encaustics..

Carole said...

wonderful colours!
isn't spring just so inspiring!
enjoy your days on your porch.