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Friday, May 17, 2013

My latest painting...the Moon is Rising at Sunset

The Moon is Rising at Sunset, 5/11/2013, acrylic wash and rice paper on canvas, 20 x 20 inches
I love this's cobalt blue slathered over my favorite saffron color, scraped, brushed, scumbled, splashed... for a bit of time that moon hung there being way too white for its own good, so I toned it, using more than one of my cut out paper circles to monoprint the layers...some of those paper circles are so pretty I'm going to set them aside for future use in collages (which I always say I'm going to do, but haven't yet...some day!) Then I added the stripe and fussed over layers of color on that...for all I know, I might mess with it a little more, but for now it is what it is...

 I really love the surface textures...

It's the process of making the painting that I love most...


detail of moon


I've been in a little bit of a lull lately...drawing more than painting (I'll scan the finished drawings for another day.) I'm in that phase in which I need to hit the reset button, so drawing always keeps me busy while I work it out...summer is coming, so once my garden is settled to grow and bloom, the porch will be my studio again for another season, and I'm looking forward to spending many days mixing colors and staining canvas and paper and making marks with them.

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