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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Bliss followed...

Abstraction 4/20/2014, digital photograph

Abstraction 4/20/2014, digital photograph

Abstraction 4/20/2014, digital photograph

I'm slowly recovering from a bout with shingles, what a wretched pain that is...good grief. Between pain and painkillers, I'm not that inspired, but I keep busy anyway just because I'm like that, I can't sit around and do nothing...These three photos are just simple pictures I snapped with my point n' shoot Fuji camera, digital sketches I call them...they're textures from split logs that I've been photographing, wood grain is always fascinating and weather someone's gone at it with an axe or a chain saw, the patterns are amazing...

The next group of photos are from the inside of Bill's old silo out behind his barns, this old thing is wrapped in a tangle of trees and vines, so this is the time of year to get inside for a look see...oh it was pretty in there!

I'm looking forward to spending some of my spring and summer making new art, I want to experiment with encaustics again and splash with my watercolors, going back to small scale things this year. I've been making a small meditation drawing and discovered that my sketchpad has quite a few of these drawings that I need to scan for my next posting :)

I'm hoping to feel better soon!

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