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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Going with the flow...

Going with the flow, sketches, 4/23/2017
 I made an artist book last weekend...I have a feeling that I will be making more...

A pile of pages
 I used various rag papers, torn edges, India ink wash, a white sharpie, and archival boards and paste to piece it together - I had so much fun making this, it was very random and going with the flow.

My "toys" (tools)

Inside cover
 I wrote in the poem "Little Things" by Julia Abegail Fletcher Carney on the inner back cover.

the stack of pages
 The page on the left is my left hand print (cuz I'm a lefty.)

My artist statement side one

Going with the flow…a Sketchbook (subject to grow more) Handmade book – archival boards + India ink, rag paper - hand torn – brush – ink wash - rubbings on wet to dry paper (often sheets
Used as blotter paper made interesting marks.) Random mark making – these are the things I have no words for- 4/23/2017 Laura J. Wellner

Artist statement side two

There is a lot of energy while making art – raw experimentation. Looking, waiting to see what will
happen – impulsive – there is no right or wrong – no up or down – no top or bottom – no right or left.
Inspiration asks no questions it just is –

Loosely bound

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