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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last work of 2009...

Elemental December, Frost and Snow, 12/28/2009, acrylic monotype on sumi paper mounted on canvas, 9 x 9 inches

At one point, I had feared that I was going to work this one to saw many layers, had some of them washed's the documented progression...

Started on 12/5/2009 (I loved this start sooooo much!)

12/6/2009, then I did this the next day...I wasn't completely happy with it, I tried to like it, but...unfortunately (or fortunately depends on how you want to look at it), I didn't photograph the two other attempts that I dunked into the bathtub and scrubbed the paint off with the paint brush...oy!

12/27/2009, I started over again...and washed it off at least one more time (if not two) before I got to this point...then late that night on one final impulse, I added the "windows" and the moon...I woke up the next morning and fell in love with what I had done...and so it's finished...a white painting.

There are more works in progress, tomorrow begins a new year...this is the last one to receive's been a very productive year, I have loved my experiments with texture and color and all the hard work has been very rewarding and wonderful! I appreciate all who follow my "blog studio" and leave comments. I'm going to pour some champagne and ring in the new year...all the best to you!

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